Healthy Eating-The Benefits for Children

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One thing I have been up to recently is doing a short course on healthy eating and nutrition. It is a subject that interests me mainly because I have 3 children of my own who eat pretty well, but I do worry about the majority of children out there who don’t. As I am interested in the idea of teaching people bow to cook, I thought the course would broaden my food knowledge which will in turn provide me with useful information to educate people about the benefits of eating well, particularly where children are concerned.

I was surprised to learn that by the age of 5 a child’s daily calorie intake should be around 1700 calories. This is quite a large amount of calories for a child to consume. The best way to spread this out is to have 3 meals along with 2 snacks each day, including foods like dried fruit & nuts, sandwiches, flapjacks, raw veggies or cheese as snacks.

It is said that parents have the biggest influence on a child’s eating habits. If you can manage to not surrender to their every food fad, like/dislike of the week, and hold your nerve in the battle of the foods, you have a small chance of influencing their diet for the better. I can tell you that I am now reaping the benefits of this sound bit of advice, but it’s been hell getting to where I am now. My stubborn streak just wouldn’t let me cave in to their whims!

I think what swung it for me was not so much the food I cook but the fact that I am always cooking and that really interests them. I think they have come to the conclusion that my food can’t taste that bad if I spend so much of the day in the kitchen. Subliminally indoctrinating them that home-made food is good. Try it for long enough & it will work! Ken Hom was interviewed for Woman’s hour on Radio 4 about his life. His description of what lasting memories his mother’s cooking have had were so touching. She worked every day and came home to cook amazing meals from scratch for her children on a tiny budget, without fail. Her efforts paid off. He is a chef who cooks from the heart, which is the way it should be.

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