Learn to Cook’s tips on making vegetables more appealing

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  • French beans :-

    Top & tail, boil 4mins,  refresh in cold water. Pour over oil, balsamic vinegar,  salt.  Eat as a side dish or as a salad.  Good with cherry plum tomatoes & black olives thrown into some olive oil.

  • Carrots :-

    Peel & chop into sticks, boil 4mins.  While still hot, add lots of butter & a squeeze of honey. Adults may like to add some chopped parsley & a spot of wholegrain mustard.

  • Broccoli : -

    Chop into florets, boil 3 mins.  Add butter & a splash of soy sauce.  Sprinkle over sesame seeds.

  • Cabbage :-

    Slice finely (Savoy),  boil 4 mins.  Add bacon pieces fried in butter & a splash of cream.

  • Cucumber :-

    Peel & slice into discs. Pour over 1 tbsp white wine vinegar & 1tbsp white sugar. Mix well. Adults might like to add chopped dill.

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